Course Relief

York University allows eligible undergraduate students who have changed their program degree or major to exclude courses completed toward the prior major requirements from their Overall Cumulative GPA (OCGPA) and credit totals for their new program of study.

This policy aims to help students continue in and graduate from a new academic program.

Who can use the Course Relief Policy?

Eligible students

You are eligible if you are either:

  1. a continuing undergraduate student who has:
    1. completed fewer than 84 earned credits
    2. and
    3. met the eligibility requirements for a new academic program
  2. OR
  3. an undergraduate student returning after a Required Withdrawal or Debarment who:
    1. meets the eligibility requirements for the new program
    2. and
    3. whose request for a program change has been approved by the new academic program.

Ineligible students

You are ineligible if you are either:

  1. pursuing a second or subsequent degree
  2. OR
  3. making a second or subsequent program change
  4. OR
  5. in a graduate school program.

Course Relief is only available to you once. Petitions for subsequent applications are not permitted.

What courses are eligible under the Course Relief Policy?

Eligible courses

Courses eligible for exclusion from the OCGPA include all subject courses taken previously that will not count as major credits in the new academic program. You can use the previous major courses as elective credits in your new degree program.

Ineligible courses

The General Education and elective courses you completed in the first Major program are not eligible for Course Relief. Courses where a penalty for a breach of academic honesty is imposed are not eligible for Course Relief.

How would the Course Relief Policy affect my transcript?

A record of all completed courses and the original grades awarded remain on your transcript. Courses which are excluded from your OCGPA under Course Relief will appear on your transcript with a qualifier (RLF) next to the grade.

How do I apply to use the Course Relief Policy?

You must confirm your eligibility for the Course Relief Policy and become informed about the degree requirements for your new program. If you wish to exercise this option, you must visit your home Academic Advising office first to discuss your options.

You can read the complete Policy on Academic Forgiveness on the Secretariat Policies website.