Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report is an online self-serve tool that allows students to track their progress towards their degree. It is currently available for a number of single major programs, with a plan to implement it for more programs over time. Use the search tool below to check if your program is available.

The Degree Progress Report checks the requirements that are needed for you to graduate in your degree program as per the Undergraduate Calendar. It checks all of the courses on your official record that you have taken at York towards your degree. Based on this automated review, it shows you what requirements you have already completed, what requirements you still need to complete and what is currently in progress. If you have a question about your Degree Progress report, please contact your Faculty or Department.

How to Use the Report

  • Use the search below to see whether a report is currently available for your program and year of entry. If it is, click on the link to access your report.
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course in the program in order for the report to work.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions page and glossary of terms to help better understand the terminology used on the report.
  • Review your report and contact your Faculty's Advising Office if you have any questions or concerns.
Degree Progress Report Presentation
Watch the online presentation

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the DPR is available only for single major programs. For programs with stream requirements, the DPR is only available if you have declared your stream. To see if your program is part of the DPR project, please use the search field below.

Note: Many students will have their transfer credit decisions reflected directly on their Degree Progress Report. If you received transfer credit for previous post secondary studies, and your report does not contain that information at this time, some of the rules may be reported as "unsatisfied". However, a link to your most recent transfer credit statement is provided. You can learn more about transfer credits and your Degree Progress Report from the Transfer Credit FAQ page.

If you are not sure whether Degree Progress Reports are available for your program, use this search tool: