Pass/Fail Option

The pass/fail (ungraded) option may be used by students pursuing undergraduate programs in all Faculties except the Faculty of Education, Osgoode Hall Law School or Schulich School of Business. Graduate Studies candidates, who have permission from their graduate program office to complete an undergraduate course for credit towards their graduate program, may use this form for courses offered by all Faculties except the Faculty of Education, Osgoode Hall Law School or Schulich School of Business.

Before opting for a pass/fail grade, students are urged to consider the following:

  • Grades are used by organizations outside the University to evaluate students.
  • Admission to graduate programs and to professional schools of all types depends upon letter grades.

Students are cautioned that the appearance of “P” instead of a letter grade on their transcript will be a significant disadvantage when competing for admission to graduate programs and in any evaluation of their academic performance. A “P” grade for any course during the student's last 60 credits or for any upper-level course, is likely to be damaging to any evaluation of their transcript.

Please read these pages carefully and confirm your eligibility to complete a course on an ungraded basis before submitting your request.

Eligibility Rules

  1. Students must be in good academic standing.
  2. Students must have completed a minimum of 24 credits towards an undergraduate degree; this includes credits awarded as transfer credit.
  3. The maximum number of credits that can be taken on a pass/fail basis is six for bachelor degrees (90 credits) and 12 for Honours degrees (120 credits).
  4. The pass/fail grading option cannot be chosen by a student for the following:
  • major or minor courses (including for-credit practica);
  • outside-the-major required courses1;
  • courses taken to satisfy general education or certificate requirements;
  • required 1000-level science courses for students in the Faculties of Health and Science & Engineering.


The pass/fail grading option is not applicable to the following:

  • graduate degrees or diplomas;
  • BEd and BEd (Technological Education) degrees;
  • LLB/JD degree;
  • BBA and iBBA degrees;
  • exchange courses taken at another institution.

1 It is the responsibility of students to be informed of and meet their degree program requirements.

Timelines, Request and Other Notes

Request (Graded to Ungraded)

The Pass/Fail Option Application (below) must be signed by the course director/instructor within the first two weeks of class for the specific course. The completed form must then be submitted as follows:

Students in the Submit form to
  • School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Health
  • Lassonde School of Engineering
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Science
Registrarial Services, Bennett Centre for Student Services
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies
Office of Student and Academic Services, 137 HNES
  • Glendon College
Office of Student Programs, York Hall, Glendon campus

Please note: Students will be notified in writing of their eligibility or ineligibility.

Request (Ungraded to Graded)

Students who elect to complete a course on an ungraded basis may not revert to taking the course on a graded basis after the last date to drop a course without academic penalty. Fill-out and submit a Change from Pass/Fail to Graded Notification (below).

Calculation of Averages and Credits

Courses taken on an ungraded basis are recorded as either pass "P" or fail "F". They do not have grade point values so they cannot be calculated into an average. Pass credits are added into the total number of credits earned and credits taken. Fail credits are added into the total number of credits failed and credits taken.

Grade Reports and Transcripts

The ungraded option will appear as either “P” or “F” on both grade reports and transcripts.