Program Change

If you are currently enrolled and registered as an undergraduate student (see exceptions below) and wish to request a change to your academic program, use this online tool to manage your request. Before you submit your request, please read all the information in the tabs below.

If you have been away from York and did not enrol/register in the most recent fall/winter session, you must reactivate your academic record before you can return to your studies. Please read the information on the Reactivation page.

If you have already completed a degree at York and would like to apply for non-degree status so that you can enrol in undergraduate courses but not towards a degree or certificate program, please read the information on the Non-Degree page.

If you are unclear on any of the terminology used in this process, please read our Glossary of Terms page.

Step 1. General Information

What should I know before I make my program change request?

  • Make sure you understand the degree requirements and the qualifications to be accepted into the program to which you want to change. Detailed information about degree and eligibility requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • A program change may affect your fees. Please check for any fee differences on the Course and Program Fees website.
  • You may also contact the office of the program to which you want to change. Faculty advising offices are also a helpful resource.
  • You may make one type of change request at a time. For more information on these types of changes, see the tab below.
  • Certain programs have earlier deadlines for new transfers than others. Submit your program change request as soon as possible.
  • If you are in an Honours (120 credits minimum) degree, but plan to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the same program after completing the 90 credits minimum, you are not required to change to a bachelor’s degree, but you still need to apply to graduate.
  • If you want to add a certificate to your record without changing your current program, you cannot use this tool. Contact the program offering the certificate for more information.

Who can access the online program change request?

  • All undergraduate students except those in the Faculty of Education (BEd), Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business. These students should contact the Student Services Office in their home Faculty.
  • Students who wish to apply to either the Collaborative Nursing program or the program for Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) should apply through the Office of Admissions.
  • Students who wish to apply to the Engineering program at the Lassonde School of Engineering should apply on the Lassonde Majors & Degree Changes website.

Information for Former Arts and Atkinson Students

Information for Pre-2006 Psychology, Nursing, Health Studies and Kinesiology Students

Step 2. Types of Changes

There are four possible types of changes to your academic program.

Adding a Certificate

Many students pursue certificates at York to add to their professional qualifications, explore a subject outside of their major or to enhance their studies. A certificate recognizes a specific grouping of courses that:

  • are cross-disciplinary but with a thematic coherence;
  • form a coherent yet distinctive complement to the major of a degree program; or
  • lead to the acquisition of specific skills or professional expertise that may meet requirements of outside accrediting bodies.

If you are interested in adding a certificate to your degree program, you should review the current Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

If you are interested in pursuing a certificate independently and you are a current York student, please connect with the School/Department that offers the certificate to find out more about admission requirements and the application process.

Change of Major

Your major (including double major, minor, area of concentration or stream) changes but your home Faculty and degree type stay the same. Not all programs offer double major or major/minor options. You may not choose both a second (double) major and a minor.

Requesting a change to or from an honours program within the same program major falls under this category as well.

  Change from your current academic program Change to your requested academic program
Faculty Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Degree Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Major Political Science History

Change of Degree

Your degree program changes but your home Faculty remains the same. Some degree changes automatically include a major change.

  Change from your current academic program Change to your requested academic program
Faculty Health Health
Degree Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Major Psychology Psychology

Change of Faculty

Your home Faculty changes. Most Faculty change requests include a major change and/or a degree change.

  Change from your current academic program Change to your requested academic program
Faculty Science School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
Degree Bachelor of Science (BSc) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Major Biology Music

Additional Information

  • You must have completed at least one course at York before you can be considered for a Faculty or degree change.
  • If you received transfer credit from another institution upon your initial admission to York, your transfer credit may be re-assessed for a new degree. Your Faculty advising office will have access to the revised assessment and can help you interpret how it will impact your degree requirements.
Step 3. Eligibility

A number of factors will be taken into consideration when you submit your program change request. Some programs will consider your request based solely on your academic record including your grade point average (GPA) and/or any prerequisite courses. Other programs may require you to contact their office to attend an advising appointment, interview, audition or evaluation, or to complete a supplemental application form or questionnaire.

The following programs have additional eligibility or advising requirements. Please contact the program office directly for details before you submit your request.

Faculty Program
  • Specialized Honours Psychology
  • Specialized Honours Psychology For how and when to apply go to the program website.
  • 2nd Entry Nursing


    New Admission Requirement for Second Entry Nursing and Internationally Educated Nursing programs for Fall 2016 entry and beyond.


Lassonde School of Engineering
  • All engineering programs
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Science (Industry Stream)


    There is an alternate process for application to the Computer Science Industry stream. Please review the requirements on the Dev Degree FAQ page.


Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • Children’s Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Economics - Business Economics
  • Economics - Financial & Business Economics
  • Health & Society
  • History
  • Individualized Studies
  • Law & Society
  • Professional Writing
  • Social Work (contact the program office before February 15 regarding a supplemental application form)
School of the Arts, Performance & Design
  • Some programs may require audition/evaluations; contact your requested program before February 1.
Schulich School of Business
  • Students wishing to apply for a Faculty transfer to Schulich should follow the instructions on Schulich's Admissions website for "delayed entry" admissions.
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Science

Math Requirements

  • If you are applying to change to a program that requires high school math or equivalent for entry, and you have not already completed this course, you must provide an official grade report of the successful completion of this course. Your high school mark(s) must be received directly from your guidance office in a sealed envelope addressed to the Registrar’s Office.

Honours Status

  • If you are eligible for an Honours degree program (120 credits), you are encouraged to choose this option. Being in an Honours program does not mean you cannot apply to graduate with a bachelor’s degree after the completion of 90 credits. You do not have to change your program in order to graduate.
  • You will be asked to confirm your program choice (bachelor or Honours) during your next online enrolment session.
  • Honours status is determined by academic standing. Required adjustments to program status are made automatically at the end of each session based on academic eligibility (see “Decision” on your most recent grade report).
  • If you request a change to an Honours-only degree (e.g. major/minor) and you do not have Honours status, your request will be denied.
Step 4. Timelines

Change of Major (including double major, minor, area of concentration or stream)

Submit your request between Normally processed by Effective Session
September 1 - October 31 December 15 Fall/winter session
November 1 - January 31 March 15
February 1 - March 15 April 30 Summer session
March 16 - April 30 June 29
May 1 - June 29 August 31
June 30 - August 31 October 31 Fall/winter session
  • Some academic units require your final grades before approving a program change request. If your request is approved after grades are released, your program change will be made effective for the first available academic session. Check the status of your request at any time by signing-in to the online request tool.
  • Students in the Faculty of Science and the Lassonde School of Engineering who want to change their major must submit their request between June 30 and the 10th day of the fall term for it to be made effective for the fall/winter session. Requests will not be considered after the 10th day of the fall term until January 31. Requests submitted between February 1 and June 29 will be made effective for the summer session.

Change of Degree or Faculty

Submit your request between Normally processed by Effective Session
January 1 - March 1 June 1 Next fall/winter session
March 2 - June 30 September 1
  • Change of degree or Faculty change requests may only be submitted between December 1 and June 30 for the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design programs, and between January 1 and June 30 for all other programs.
  • Decisions will be made after all fall/winter session grades are reported in May/June and, if you are admitted, the change will be made effective for the next available fall/winter session.
Step 5. Program Change Request

How do I check the status of my request after I submit it?

  • You can check the status of your program change at any time by signing-in to the online request tool below. There, you may see that your request has been either:
    • Received.
    • Pending a decision/action (e.g. approval of program).
    • Denied because you did not satisfy the eligibility requirements or the program is no longer accepting program change requests.
    • Approved. Note: some requests require follow-up action.
    • Cancelled. Some requests require departmental advising as part of the approval process. If advising is not obtained, request will be cancelled.
  • If you have a request that is still pending and you want to submit a new request, you must first cancel your pending request.
  • If your change has been completed, you will see your new program on the drop-down menu of available programs in the online enrolment system the next time you enrol.