Course Withdrawal

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There are two applications of the Withdrawn from Course Policy: when an undergraduate student drops a course near the end of the term—but before classes have ended—and when a student petitions to drop a course after classes have ended for the term.

As a student-initated late drop

In the time period after the last day to drop a course without receiving a grade for a term up until the last day of classes for the term has ended, York University undergraduate students can still withdraw from a course. The course enrolment will remain in the University's records and on official transcripts, displayed with a "W" (Withdrawn from Course) notation.

This policy gives an option to students who are struggling in a course and/or who have become overwhelmed by their circumstances: it lets students minimize the impact on their academic standing, reduce their course load and focus on successfully completing their other courses.

As an outcome of the petition decision process

The Withdrawn from Course Policy is also relevant to the resolution of Academic Petitions for late withdrawal filed after the last day of classes on the grounds of hardship. Visit our section on Academic Petitions for more information on filing a petition.

No refund of tuition fees shall be provided for courses dropped though these two options.

Courses with this decision recorded will not be considered an attempt in the context of the Senate Policy on Repeating Passed or Failed Courses for Academic Credit.

What courses are ineligible for a student-initiated late drop under the Withdrawn from Course Policy?

The late drop option of the Withdrawn from Course Policy cannot be used for:

  • Courses in graduate programs
  • Courses in the JD (Juris Doctor) program
  • Practica / internships / co-op or other experiential learning placements
  • Exchange / Co-registration courses taken at another institution

How do I withdraw from a course before the end of classes?

  • Review the Important Dates associated with the course from which you wish to withdraw.
  • If the last day of classes has not yet passed, then you can withdraw from the course using the online Registration and Enrolment Module. Select the course as you normally do to drop the course and the online tool will lead you through the withdrawal process.
  • The online Registration and Enrolment Module will keep track of withdrawn courses. If you withdraw from more than 3 courses while you are studying at York, then it is strongly recommended that you schedule an Academic Advising session to review your overall progress.

How can I petition to remove a course with a "W" notation from my academic record / transcript?

Petitions for removal of the "W" (Withdrawn from Course) notation are not permitted.

How does a course with a "W" notation affect my grade point average (GPA) and credit totals?

After a course is assigned a "W" notation, it has no credit value and no grade point value and does not count as a course attempt within the Senate Policy on Repeating Passed or Failed Courses for Academic Credit. It is not included in credit totals or GPA calculations; however, it does remain on your transcript.

You can read the complete Withdrawn from Course Policy and Guidelines on the Secretariat Policies website.